Services & Clients

We offer bespoke services, but in general, we provide detailed summaries of our research and our subsequent analysis at face-to-face meetings with our clients. Some of the key areas we cover are the evolving relationships between governments and their citizens, citizens and their money, and governments and the issuers of their money, and the involvement of intra-national organisations in all of these areas. Each client has different needs, and we will tailor our offering to address these needs. Our area of research is into a little-known area, and our analysis has produced some conclusions that have dramatically changed our own view of the world. Simply discovering and understanding that planned evolutionary developments are currently taking place has bought us peace of mind and a high degree of optimism for the long-term future of our species. The opportunity to benefit financially from these insights is a welcome bonus of course. Many do not even consider evolution as a factor in the global economy, but we see that mankind is about to be steered through a significant leap forward. We therefore aim to bring your level of understanding up to the same level as ours, often this will require several meetings, but each client is different. We do not seek to prove our view, but rather we present facts, evidence and our reasoning, and our clients will then form their own conclusions. Most clients find our services are a very useful complimentary tool, used alongside their own research and existing advice services.

Our fees vary according to the size and nature of our clients, as well as the level of service they require. We aim to find a way to help any potential client that contacts us, and we will endeavour to meet your individual needs.  We prefer to meet our clients face-to-face, but on occasion in order to reduce our fee for individual clients (and when our time is limited), we may offer the option of ‘virtual meetings’.

Potential clients are likely to include the following: private investors, hedge and investment fund managers, political entities including governments, family offices and investment advisers, corporations and SME businesses.

If you are unsure as to whether to engage our services, please take some time to browse our ‘Thoughts’ page, where we attempt to stimulate readers’ curiosity about certain interesting monetary, economic and political matters. We hope these brief commentaries will prompt you to question your own preconceptions about these matters, and perhaps they will ignite a desire to develop a deeper understanding of events that would benefit your strategic, business or investment planning.