Originally an integral part of a wealth management business, Monetary Perspectives was formed to service a growing demand from its existing clients for a deeper and pragmatic analysis of the confusing global economic situation. Existing clients were seeking answers to the apparently random, yet extreme movements of markets and the global economy since 1999, and our research was able to provide a mountain top view of the happenings down at ground level, and (perhaps more importantly) across the mountain range. We have connected dots that most investors and strategists are unaware of, and as a result we have identified that the global monetary system is in the early stages of a grand transition which will have huge repercussions across the world.

 Our founder and principal, Gary Morgan, has always employed an objective probability-based approach to the financial world and to life in general, and his research therefore took him down the monetary route several years ago, in search of answers to many conundrums. Whilst nothing in life is ever certain or guaranteed, our ongoing research in this area has to date answered many questions satisfactorily, and we therefore continue our research and analysis with vigour in this fascinating area, as we realise it provides the missing (but largest) piece to the puzzle that troubles many: why has the world economy been through such turmoil in the past 15 years, why is it still on life support and how can it ever fully recover.

This approach and the continuing study of planned (but well-hidden) monetary developments, as well as an awareness of medium-term cycles, has enabled a confident approach to client portfolio positioning that entirely avoided the 2008-09 market collapse, bought back into risk assets early in 2009, and has captured the majority of the cyclical bull market over the past 5 years. We do not work alone, liasing with other independent thinkers who share our curiosity regarding the evolution of the monetary system. Our research takes us back into the distant past, looking at the origins of money itself, the relatively recent past (1900s and onwards), and of course looks closely at today’s events, and perhaps of most interest to our clients, looks ahead at developments we expect in the near-term future, and also the longer-term future.

We recognise that many corporations, governments (and opposition political parties), as well as fund managers and investors have a need for clarity on the medium to long term outlook for the global economy, geopolitics, and markets, and the risks and opportunities that lie ahead. We believe our research and analysis is unique (i.e. you will not find our views and conclusions commercially available anywhere else).  We also believe that our services will have the most benefit if utilised before 2018, as we expect a significant event within the 2015-17 timeframe. We also believe investors are liable to be surprised (yet again) by the trends that develop during 2014-17.